Popcorn Sale Info 2019

1. Important Dates:
– Popcorn take-order forms due at the Oct. 7 den meetings (contact Grace Undercoffer if you need to make other arrangements to turn in order
forms. Cannot accept any orders after Oct. 11 – no exceptions)
– Show and Sell dates: Sept. 21, Sept. 28, & Oct. 12 (see below for more info)
– Take-order popcorn pickup Nov. 3 (more details to come)
– All take-order payments due Nov. 11. (Checks should be made to Pack 678)

2. Rewards:
– Please ignore the prize information on the popcorn order form. The pack will be rewarding the scouts for sales the same way as the last 2 years.
– Cash donations count x3 towards reward goals. Ex: $10 cash donation = $30 toward goal.
– Level 1 – Sell $450 of popcorn (covers dues for the year)                       Reward: Scout throws a pie in the face of the leader of their choice.
– Level 2 – Sell $550 of popcorn                                                             Reward: Pizza Party
– Level 3 – Sell $750 of popcorn                                                             Reward: Main Event

3. App Sales:
– Scouts can use the Trail’s End app instead of the paper form if they choose.
– The app allows credit card sales this year. (There are no processing fees despite any statements to the contrary on the app.)
– Things to know when using the app:
– Must register either through the app or at www.trails-end.com. Select Bay Area Council, Coastal District, Pack 678.
– Select Wagon Sales in the app to take orders.
– Although Jalapeno Cheddar is listed in the app, it is not available for Take-Orders. DO NOT take orders for Jalapeno Cheddar using the app.
– Be sure to select Undelivered in the order summary to ensure orders are counted

4. Online Sales:
– Scouts can set up a personalized Online Sales page at www.trails-end.com
– Once the page is created, you can share the personalized link through social media.
– Free shipping on all online orders this year.

Popcorn Show and Sells 2019

The Pack has arranged for 3 ‘Show & Sell’ Events this year:

– Saturday, September 21st, from 9am to 2pm @ Lowe’s 646 location
– Saturday, September 28th, from 10am to 2pm @ JC Penney (Victory Lakes)
– Saturday, October 12th, from 9am to 1pm @ Cabela’s


If your Scout would like to sign up for a 1-2 hour shift please
e-mail Grace Undercoffer. We need 2-4 Scouts per hour. (Scouts will split total sales
based on number of hours they attend)


Any Questions: Email graceundercoffer@yahoo.com
This page was last updated on 18 Sept 2019

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